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Snow Plow Lights

Snow Plow Lights

Our plows lights can fit any budget and any level of quality desired. The Truck-Lite's 80888 snowplow lamps are our best seller year after year due to it low price point and incredible versatility. When compared to our other snow plow lamps, the signal lights are wrapped around the sides creating better visibility for others on the road. For convenience, Truck-Lite includes the wiring harness and the necessary mounting hardware.
The Truck-Lite 80888, Peterson 505K, and the Grote 64261-4 are all made from a hardened ABS Poly-Carbonate Plastic (read: Very, very, durable), but if you are in need of a snowplow light that can handle the most extreme conditions, take a look at the Buyers 1311100 or the Hamsar 81091-1. Both are made of aluminum chassis and come with grade 8 mounting hardware. The main difference between the Hamsar and the Buyers snowplow light is that the Buyers has two halogen bulbs while the Hamsar has one halogen bulb, making the Buyers brighter. Please let us know if you have any questions at 1-855-706-8078.

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