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SEM 39747 Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive

SEM 39747 Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive

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SEM Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive

SEM Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive is the Product of choice when bonding steel, aluminum, SMC and fiberglass panels. Offers superior impact strength while allowing a long working time.

39747 MULTI-PURPOSE PANEL ADHESIVE is a non-sag, two component epoxy adhesive system formulated to bond steel, aluminum, SMC and fiberglass panels without the use of an external primer. 39747 provides long working times (90 minutes) allowing body shops to correctly position parts for proper alignment. This adhesive contains glass beads to insure adequate bond line control.

39747 is an easy to use 2:1 adhesive that forms resilient bonds and maintains its strength over a wide range of temperatures. 39747 is suitable for bonding a variety of substrates, especially automotive grade cold rolled steel. Features
  • Long working time
  • Superior impact and peel strength
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • 100% reactive
  • Consistent bond line thickness
  • Non-sagging gaps filled up to ½”
  • Minimal surface preparation Typical Cured Properties

    Peel strength (pli) on steel 20-40 ASTM D 3167 Tensile lap shear @ 77°F (psi) on steel 3000-3800 ASTM D 1002 Tensile lap shear @ 175°F (psi) on steel 2400-2600 ASTM D 1002 Bond line thickness (inches) 0.005-0.5

    Typical Uncured Properties Part A Part B Mixed Working time @ 77°F - - 60-90 minutes Set time @ 77°F - - 4 hours Color Cream Black Black Packaging 6.75 oz DUAL-MIX cartridge with two static mixers Handling and Application

    PREPARATION: Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and free of contamination. Minimal surface preparation is required for 39747, and superior bonds can be formed on most substrates following directions. MIXING: It is highly recommended that adhesives be dispensed through a static mixer. Once mixed, 39747 should achieve a uniform color. This is important! Heat build up during and after mixing is normal.

    APPLICATION: Use enough material to completely fill the joint when parts are clamped. Always follow step by step directions enclosed with cartridge. To assure maximum bond strength, surfaces must be mated within the adhesive’s working time.

    CURING: Parts should remain undisturbed during the interval of time between the material’s working time and set time. After the set time is achieved, the material has reached handling strength. Temperatures below 55°F will slow the cure; above 85°F will accelerate cure rate. To enhance cure time, heat to 140°-160°F for 1 hour. At 77°F, 39747 sets in 4 hours and fully cures in 24 hours.

    WELDING: 39747 is versatile and can be used with traditional welding methods or resistance spot welding techniques when following OEM recommendations. NOTE: Remove excess adhesive prior to welding.

    CLEANUP: It is important to clean up excess adhesive from the work area and application equipment before it cures. 3837( ) SEM SOLVE and many common industrial solvents are suitable for removing uncured adhesive. Keep containers tightly closed after use. 39747 is flammable when exposed.

    39747 MULTI-PURPOSE PANEL ADHESIVE should be stored in a cool dry place with adequate ventilation away from heat, sparks and flames. The shelf life for 39747 is 2 years when stored at 40°-77°F.

    7 ounce Cartridge

    Place cartridge into 70029 Dual Mix applicator Gun. To remove cap, insert flat head screwdriver into slot and pry upward. Install static mixer. Cut tip to desired application size. Use Static Mixers:
    70011 Static Mixing Tips(6 pack) or 70012 Static Mixing Tips (50 pack)

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    SEM 39747 Multi-Purpose Panel Adhesive