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SEM 39767 Problem Plastic Repair Material

SEM 39767 Problem Plastic Repair Material

Item Number:39767
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SEM PROBLEM PLASTIC REPAIR MATERIAL 39767 adheres to substrates other repair materials cannot. Historically, bonding repair materials to polypropylene and other olefin-based plastics, EPDM, TPO and similar substrates has been difficult. This unique formulation takes the problem out of problem plastic repair.

SEM Problem Plastic Repair Material. Bonds to polypropylene, EPDM, TPO, and similar substrates. 7 oz. cartridge.

  • State of the art epoxy technology
  • Superior adhesion
  • Does not shrink or pinhole
  • Zero VOC
  • Excellent sanding and feather edge
  • No adhesion promoter necessary

    Typical Properties
  • Containers 39767:.....7 oz. DUAL-MIX cartridge
  • Color.......................Green
  • Working time............3-5 minutes @ 70F (21C)
  • Set time...................5-10 minutes @ 70F (21C)
  • Cure time.................15-20 minutes @ 70F (21C)

    Handling and Application
    Suitable substrates- ABS, PP, PPO, EPDM, TPO, TPE and TEO.
    1. Clean with 38338 SCUFF & CLEAN and red scuff pad. Rinse with water and dry.
    2. Clean with 38353 or 38354 PLASTIC/LEATHER PREP. Apply per directions.
    3. Sand with 80 grit paper 2-3 inches around the damaged area.
    4. V groove damaged area with a 24 grit disc. Grind slowly. Excess heat may seal the
    pores of the plastic making adhesion difficult.
    5. Re-clean with 38353 or 38354.

    SEM Problem Plastic Repair Material 39767- Place cartridge into 70029 DUAL-MIX
    APPLICATOR GUN. Remove cartridge tip. Prior to installing static mixer, equalize cartridge
    by dispensing product until both parts flow equally. Install static mixer and cut tip to
    desired bead size. Dispense 2-3 inches of test material to make certain color is uniform
    prior to applying to job. Avoid marbling. 39768 - Squeeze out equal amounts of A and B.
    Mix well to obtain a uniform mixture with no streaks.

    1. Reinforce large holes and damaged areas from the back side with 70006
    PLASTIC REPAIR REINFORCING TAPE. In such cases, clean the back side of the
    area with 38338 and 38353 or 38354. Grind with a 24 grit disc at low RPM. Place
    70006 over the repair. Apply 39767 and spread firmly.
    2. Apply 39767 to the repair area. Press firmly to eliminate air pockets. Apply higher than
    surrounding area to allow for sanding.
    3. After 39767 has cured for 15-20 minutes, sand first with 80 grit, then finish with 180
    grit paper.
    4. For slight imperfections, reapply a skin coat of 39767 or use 39482 FLEXIBLE
    5. To fill sand scratches and prepare surface for painting, apply 3913( ) FLEXIBLE PRIMER
    For smaller repairs, 68422 BUMPER REPAIR in the 1 oz. MINI-MAX cartridge is
    also available.
    SEM Problem Plastic Repair Material 39767 should be stored in a cool dry place with
    adequate ventilation away from heat, sparks and flames. The shelf life for 39767 is
    2 years when stored under normal conditions.

    7 ounce Cartridge

    Place cartridge into 70029 Dual Mix applicator Gun. To remove cap, insert flat head screwdriver into slot and pry upward. Install static mixer. Cut tip to desired application size. Use Static Mixers:
    70011 Static Mixing Tips(6 pack) or 70012 Static Mixing Tips (50 pack)

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    SEM 39767 Problem Plastic Repair Material