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UV Curing Systems

UV Curing SystemsTranstar Euro UV system, at last and Fast! Transtar Autobody Technologies introduces the Next Generation, a revolutionary breakthrough system designed for fast, lightning quick spot repairs. Based on proven world class UV technology, Full spot repairs can be completed from Damage to finish in about 32 minutes.

The High Speed UV Process
7 min - to sand, clean, Apply UV Body Filler and cure
8 min - to sand, clean, mask UV Prime and cure
10 min - to sand, clean, apply UV filler and flash
7 min - to apply 2 coats of UV clear and cure

Transtar UV System Advantage

  • Incredible Cure Speed
  • Easy To Apply - application is similar to traditional products
  • Single Component - unlimited pot life, any unused material can be put back in the container, less waste and reduced inventory.
  • Very easy to Sand and Polish
  • Very High Gloss
  • No Shrikage - high solids material contains very little solvent
  • Cure is not influenced by Weather or Temperature
  • ISO-Free - no hardener or activator and therefore is safer
  • Low VOC - 50 state compliant
  • Very Low Energy Costs - the curing lamp uses only 400W compared to 1000W IR lamp.
  • Optimizes Vehicle Turnaround Time - Complete the repair in less than half a day.
  • Fast Fill and Build
  • Lowers the Material Cost - fewer applications and less waste.

    Transtar has explored and targeted UV technology for years, and together with their European partner, is first to bring this innovative, much anticipated refinish system to the U.S. market. More than a stand-alone product, the Euro UltraV System is compatible with virtually all major color brands.

    Euro UltraV, UV cured products use photo-initiators to start a chemical reaction when exposed to high energy UV rays. The high energy UV rays cause a chemical reaction to occur very quickly, full cure happens within minutes!! The chemical reaction takes place between Monomers ans Oligomers present in the product. This reaction is similar to the reaction that takes place in a 2K product. The end result is the same with either product, a fully cured material.

  • Transtar Euro UltraV Clearcoat Pint
    Regular price: $225.95
    Levine Price: $132.99

    Transtar Euro Ultra V™ Clearcoat Thinner
    Regular price: $39.95
    Levine Price: $29.99

    Transtar Euro Ultra V™ High Solid Primer
    Regular price: $156.95
    Levine Price: $107.99

    Transtar Euro Ultra V™ Primer Reducer
    Regular price: $33.95
    Levine Price: $22.99

    Transtar Euro UltraV™ Polyester Filler
    Regular price: $56.95
    Levine Price: $38.99

    Transtar Auto Body UV Curing Lamp
    Regular price: $2,972.95
    Levine Price: $2,228.99

    Regular price: $168.95
    Levine Price: $120.99

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    UV Curing Systems