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Levine Automotive was founded in 1955 by Irving Levine. In the early days Irv peddled parts from his truck. In 1960 he opened his first store on Keeler St. in Danbury, CT. At that time Irv, his wife and one employee were all that was needed. But the business was already growing. Irv brought in his brother-in-law Malcolm Miller to help with the operation.

In 1963 Melvin Levine (Irv's brother), was brought in and the original machine shop was opened. The business continued to grow and more space was needed so in 1966 the store was relocated from Keeler St. to its present location at 118 South St. in Danbury, CT. By 1970 the company employed approximately 20 people.

Today we have 9 locations, 85 delivery vehicles and over 170 employees. Our newest location At 520 Watertown Ave Waterbury, CT Opened in the summer of 2015.

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