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3M™ 16172 PPS™ Starter Kit: Standard Size 16172 (650mL, 22 fl oz) 200 micron filters

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3M™ 16172 PPS™ Starter Kit: Standard Size 16172 (650mL, 22 fl oz) 200 micron filters

The 3M™ PPS™16172, PPS Starter Kit is the 22 oz Standard Size kit that contains a cup and collar, generic mix ratio insert, 6 liners, and 10 sealing plugs. The 3M 16172, PPS Starter Kit is an affordable way to get started with PPS disposable cup system.

PPS is an innovative, closed paint system that eliminates the need for traditional mixing cups and paint strainers. Now paint can be mixed and sprayed from the same 3M PPS liner that you mixed your paint in. One key advantage of a closed PPS cup system is the ability to spray paint from any angle, even upside down! The liner and lid are disposable, leaving much less cleaning to be done. This equates to over 50% savings in time and over 70% savings in cleaning solvent.

The cost of cleaning solvents alone can cover the price of PPS Liners. Think about it: You purchase solvent to clean your gun. Let's say your cleaning solvent costs $16.00 per gallon (that's a conservative figure by the way). You'll need about 10-12 ounces to properly clean a paint gun and traditional cup, that's somewhere between $1.30 and $1.50 per cleaning. Now that you've got your gun clean what will you do with the dirty solvent? You can't pour in outside on the ground that's bad for the environment, not to mention illegal. You have to pay to have it hauled away to be recycled. What does that cost? Let me tell you it's Expensive! That 10-12 ounces of cleaning solvent now costs you $2, $3, $4 - who really knows? Reduce the use of cleaning solvents drastically by using the 3M PPS Paint Preparation System.

Starter Large Size (650mL, 22 fl oz) Kit Includes:

(1) Cup & Collar
(6) Liners & Lids
(1) Bag of 10 Sealing Plugs
(1) Generic Mix Ratio Insert

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