Suspension of Shipping Service Guarantee

 Until further notice, UPS, FEDEX & USPS have suspended their Service Guarantee for all shipments from any origin to any destination. For all U.S. origin shipments   Suspension effective as of March 24, 2020.

Betts B50 Clearance/Marker Single Contact Deep Lens

Betts B50 Clearance/Marker Single Contact Deep Lens
Available in either incandescent or LED, surface mount. Lamps have a 1⁄4” N.P.T. rear entry, surface mount lamp.All B50 series valox direct aluminum replacement lamps have a ground strap that utilizes the base as a ground like an aluminum base lamp.Incandescent lamps feature a 920116 red or 920117 amber deep lens and use a 67 bulb in a single contact socket.B50 replacement LED lamps use a 510017 red or 510018 amber deep single contact bulb based socket lens assembly.LED lamps feature a 510011 red or 510012 amber deep lens assembly with two eyelets and require internal grounding.

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