Betts Industries

Betts Industries
All the advantages of the solid wiring system plus... the easy installation and service of plug-together units.

The Betts Plug & Seal Lighting System offers lamps and junction boxes prewired with a flexible jacketed cable which includes a ground wire for common grounding. The wires inside the cable are protected by a PVC insulation and further protected by a super tough PVC outer jacket that resists salt, abrasion, and physical abuse.

Betts Plug & Seal Lighting System features replaceable molded plug pigtails that provide a sealed connection and offer field serviceability not afforded or offered by any other system on the market.

Should the Betts Plug & Seal Lighting System suffer damage from tire blowouts or accidents, the damaged pigtail can be completely replaced without jeopardizing the integrity of the system. Other systems require cutting into the harness to remove the damaged section and splicing on a new section. Poor splices can and will result in lighting problems.

It all adds up to an exclusive, high integrity lighting system. A lighting system that is easy to maintain at a cost you can live with. Bulb replaceable lighting systems cost less per mile to maintain than throw away lighting.

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