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CTA 1238 - One Man Brake Bleeder Hose

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CTA 1238 - One Man Brake Bleeder Hose

  • Check valve keeps air from flowing back into caliper of wheel cylinder when brake pedal is released
  • Eliminates need for a helper
  • 2' long / 61cm clear hose with spring clamp BRAKE BLEEDING INSTRUCTIONS:

  • 1 Remove the master cylinder cover and fill the reservoirs with fresh fluid.
  • 2 One most cars, the bleeding sequence is RR, LR, RF and LF. For cars with diagonally split duel hydraulic systems (found on front wheel drive and some small cars), RR, LF, and RF is correct.
  • 3 Open the bleeder screw of the wheel to be bled and install the black rubber hose end of the tool over it. Place the other end in a jar or can.
  • 4 Depress the brake pedal slowly three times, and then see if there are air bubbles in the hose. If there are, continue pumping until they are gone.

    NOTE: Check the fluid level in the master reservoirs frequently during this operation. If they run dry, the system will have to be entirely re-bled.
  • 5 Close the bleeder screw, remove the tool and bleed the other wheels.
  • 6 Refill the master cylinder reservoirs and re-install the cover.

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