Suspension of Shipping Service Guarantee

 Until further notice, UPS, FEDEX & USPS have suspended their Service Guarantee for all shipments from any origin to any destination. For all U.S. origin shipments   Suspension effective as of March 24, 2020.

Grote M1 Series LED Clearance/Marker Lamp

Grote M1 Series LED Clearance/Marker Lamp
Sleek, aerodynamic styling
  • Hermetic lens-to-housing seal
  • Corrosionresistant, chrome-plated bezels
  • Molded bullet kits come with two replacement mating connectors
  • Encapsulent potting for total circuit board protectionMaterial: Polycarbonate / ABS
    FMVSS: P2
    Finish: Chrome / Red / Yellow
    Volts / Amps: 12V / .12A
    Accessory: Bezel Chrome 93453
    Pigtail: 66200
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