Gunk L803 Dielectric Anti-Seize Lube 3 oz

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FUNCTION AND APPLICATION: Solder Seal/Gunk Dielectric Anti-Seize Compound is engineered to provide superior protection from flashover on electrical connections while at the same time maintaining its anti-seize capabilities of allowing easy disassembly without thread or fastener damage. This material is designed to provide protection on threaded fittings and all metal surfaces subjected to harsh environments or high temperatures to +1800°F. Prevents corrosion, seizing and galling of joints, gaskets and unions. Use on the following applications: spark plug threads and boots, exhaust manifold and engine bolts, u-bolts and spring bolts, headlamps, interior and exterior bulbs and lamps, battery terminals, electrical connectors, and ignition coil connectors.
OUTSTANDING PROPERTIES: It is chemical inactive, waterproof, and its high dielectric properties makes this product excellent for protecting electrical parts and assemblies such as connectors, disconnect junctions, terminals, ignition systems, cable connectors and battery terminals. Its high temperature stability helps prevent fusing of bulbs to sockets. It permits ease of assembly and disassembly and will not wash away. Forms a thin anti-corrosive film that lubricates and has good anti-wear resistance and prevents metal surfaces from bonding together from the combined effects of high temperature and corrosive atmospheres. Dielectric Anti-Seize Compound is non-toxic, chemical resistant, non hardening, high dielectric strength (30 KV), Non-melting, prevents corrosion, lubricates and protect threads to 1800°F
USE DIRECTIONS: AS ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND- Clean surfaces before applying. Apply product to both surfaces and reassemble. AS DIELECTRIC COMPOUND for Bulbs and Lamps– Make sure ignition is off. Coat connector (s) with product and reassemble bulb into socket making sure connection is tight. AS DIELECTRIC COMPOUND for Connectors and Battery Terminals – Make sure ignition is off. Clean surfaces with battery cleaner and then lightly coat both parts with product and reassemble and ensure tight connection.

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