SureCan Gas Cans

SureCan Gas Cans

Fill up with gas, diesel or kerosene without spills

NO SPILLS - The pivoting nozzle lets you refuel without tipping the container, eliminating wasted fuel and reducing the risk of fire from spilling fuel on a hot engine.

EASY TO USE - The fuel spout doesn't need any downward pressure to pour - simply insert the nozzle in your engine’s fuel tank, press the ergonomic flow-control trigger and begin fueling

NO AIR BUBBLES - Each can self-ventilates to eliminate vacuum locks and air bubbles

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Tough, heavy-duty, six-layer high-density polyethylene resists permeation and improves durability

These SureCan fuel cans give you more control with faster, smoother and more-precise fueling. Cans are color-coded by fuel type: red (gasoline), blue (kerosene) or yellow (diesel). 2.2-gal. gas cans are 12.12"H x 9"W x 13.1"D. EPA, DOT and CARB-compliant.

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