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Trucklite 6600 Low and Medium Profile Strobe

Trucklite 6600 Low and Medium Profile Strobe
Polycarbonate lens & housing
18 gauge wire
Light Source:
Joules: 3.5 single, 7 double, 10 quad
Amps 1.5 at 12V
Voltage: 12 - 48V
Flash Rate per Minute 80 single, 65 double and quad
Class 2 quad flash

  • Multi-Flash Class 2 Gas Discharge Strobe
  • Field selectable flash patterns via internal jumper single, double, quad flash
  • Modular circuit is completely encapsulated for increased shock & weather resistance
  • New design feature twist on/off lens
  • Electronics sealed in epoxy for increased weather & shock resistance
  • Replacement Parts:
    Manufactured before 12/2008
    9705A yellow low profile lens
    9710A yellow medium profile
    8810 flash tube
    6600PS power supply
    Manufactured after 12/2008
    99221Y yellow low profile lens
    99220Y yellow medium pofile lens
    8812 flash tube
    6600A Replaces
    92511Y (M4), 92517Y (M4), 92529Y (M4), 92536Y (M4)6600MA Replaces
    92502Y (M4), 92508Y (m4), 92512Y (M5), 92515Y (M4), 92518Y (M4)
  • M5 Performs same function, fits same mounting, same form
  • M4 Performs same funtion, fits same mounting, but different in form
  • CT Residents only will be charged tax

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