Where is My Paint Code?

Where is My Paint Code?

Domestic Cars:

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Ford - 1985 and Newer is on the driver door. There will be a white sticker. Towards the bottom of the sticker in the left hand corner it will say paint. This is decieving because underneath of the word paint is the body style code. What you want is the 2 digits or letters above the word paint.

Chrysler - Usually on the radiator support or on top of the radiator. There will be a metal tag with lots of three digit numbers. On the second line from the bottom of the tag, the second and third set of numbers are the paint codes. The first one will start with a "p" for primary color (ex. pw7), the second with a "q" for secondary color (ex. qw7). If the car is all one color the last 2 digits of both codes will be the same.

GM - Cars - 1985 and newer the codes are in the trunk. They will be either under the rug, on top of the spare tire, or underneath the trunk lid. The codes will be on a white sticker about 3" x 4". The paint codes will be all the way on the bottom of the sticker. They are called "WA" numbers on a GM. They will consist of either 4 numbers or 3 numbers and a letter. (ex. wa8779, wa279e). The letters "WA" do not always appear, the numbers may be prefaced by bc/cc, L, or U, for upper and lower colors.

GM - trucks - in the glove compartment. Tag reads the same as cars.

Foreign Cars

Honda and Acura - in the drivers door jam. A small white sticker that says color code alway starts with 1 or 2 letters (ex g82p-3).

Toyota and Lexus - On the drivers door. Will usually say paint code and is followed by 3 letters or numbers. (ex. 040 is white), older models will be on the fire wall, behind the motor on a metal tag. They will be prefaced by clr/trm.

Nissan - Drivers door or on the firewall. Three letters (ex. AL0) usually followed by another letter that does not pertain to the paint code.

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